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Premier Roofing Supports our Communities

Wounded Warrior USA Sponsorship

Every year, Premier Roofing and its employees donate time and funds to Wounded Warrior USA by helping to host fishing tournaments, contributing roofing materials, taking wounded vets on outings, all while doing our best to give back to those who have given so much.  Premier has helped host an ice fishing tournament for the last few years in which members of Wounded Warriors USA, vets, and their families come out, learn a little bit about fishing (a favorite pastime of Premier Roofers), and compete for prizes donated by Premier, fishing suppliers, and our industry affiliates.

We thank Wounded Warrior USA for the opportunity to give back, but mostly we thank those in uniform that serve and have given far more than we can ever repay.

-The Premier Team

Wishbone Foundation and National MS Society

Premier is proud to participate in the Wishbone Foundation’s annual golf tournament as well as one for the National MS Society.  While we have a lot of fun playing in the tournaments and being hole sponsors, we don’t lose sight of the reason we are there. To help and support these non-profit organizations that help others during difficult times during their lives is an honor.

The Wishbone Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides bereavement training and resources for labor and delivery teams so they have the skills to comfort grieving families in a time of devastating loss.  For more information visit:

Premier Roofing Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

Premier Roofing donates time and funds to Habitat For Humanity. In the winter, when the roofing business slows down- Premier Employees are given the opportunity to spend their time at Habitat for Humanity sites helping families in need. Recently 15 Premier Employees assisted with carpentry and paint work at this site in Englewood, CO.

Holiday Adopt-A-Family

Every Year, each Premier Roofing office researches the community to find a family in need during the Holiday Season.  Over the last several years, many families across the region have struggled financially through a stagnant economy.  The contrasts of the lives these families face only becomes more stark during the holiday season when so many families are celebrating, while others are struggling to keep warm and fed.

Here are some stories about families we have helped in the past:

This year was my first year adopting a family with Premier. Not much information was given about them, due to privacy issues. What I can say is that we were given a family of 8 that was in desperate need of basic items that you and I may take for granted.

Along with the mother and father, there were four boys with ages ranging from 12-to unborn and 2 girls ages 2 and 5. Most children would ask for toys, games all different types of things, but not these kids. These kids asked for blankets, winter jackets, socks even pajamas and underwear. With the help of Premier Employees we set out on a mission to get these kids some nice warm clothes to help battle these cold Colorado winter nights. Luckily with our help we were able to tackle the family of 8 and when they get to open their presents on Christmas Day they will have just what they need (and some fun things too!).

The particular family Premier chose to help with is a single mother and her 5 kids. There are 2 girls aged 4 and 5 and 3 boys aged 11, 14, and 16. The children’s father died in a car accident not too long after they moved back to California from Colorado where the father’s family lived. They decided to move back to Colorado because the mom’s mom (grandma) lives here in Colorado Springs and she could help the mother with the children while she worked as well as give her a place to live. Apparently, the family is still having a hard time adjusting, and the two older boys have been taking on the role of their father. Their mother has a job working in a vet’s office, but she has had to take some time off because their grandmother has had a stroke and someone needs to take care of the grandmother and the youngest girl. The older son is going to try to get his GED within the next few months so he can stay home during the day to watch his little sister and help with his grandma. They also said he plans to get an evening job so he can help support their family.

Obviously this time of year is especially stressful on their family, and my heart bleeds for them. I can’t imagine needing my 16 year old son to get his GED so he can help support the family. On top of everything else that this family has had to endure, I think a child losing their daddy is the saddest thing ever, and I am grateful we have decided to help them.