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Our Story

Premier Roofing, LLC was formed from the ground-up in Denver in 2005 by Colorado College classmates and good friends Ben McFerron and Chris Tulp.

Both spent their early careers working tough jobs, Chris in commercial construction and Ben in farming, where they learned a lot about the value of hard work and an appreciation for the tangible results that come with manual labor.

They started Premier Roofing with the goal to bring honesty and dedication to the roofing industry, their customers, and their employees.

“I wouldn’t trade my time as a carpenter in for a different degree,” says Tulp. “There is something about building things that’s always been appealing. You can see and feel your accomplishments at the end of the day. You can appreciate the look on people’s faces when they see what you’ve done for them and that’s something outsiders of the construction industry don’t understand.”

“I always enjoyed working outside with other hardworking people and that’s what attracted me to my career in the roofing industry” says McFerron. “I come from a farming family and ‘slacking off’ was never an option for me so it was really nice to find another industry like roofing that rewards hard work, honesty and accountability like roofing.”

After working for another roofing company, Ben and Chris quickly realized they had what it took to not only provide better quality and value to their customers than their employer, but a better across-the-board experience for all of their customers.

Front Door Consultation“When you buy a roof from a contractor – you are taking a huge ‘leap of faith.’ Regardless of all of the references, examples of work, insurance etc. you can’t test-drive a new roof before you buy one.” Says Tulp. You really rely on your contractor to paint a picture of the experience for you, and when that doesn’t come to fruition, you’re going to be dissatisfied.”

We believe in setting the right expectations for our customers. A lot of our competitors promise the world and try to beat us up on price, and at the end of the day, the experience they provide is mediocre at best because they believe the roofing industry is all about over-promising and under-delivering.” Says McFerron. “The company that educates you the best with straight talk – an extensive presentation about the roofing process, explaining warranties and liabilities truly helps homeowners understand why you shouldn’t just settle on the cheapest company with a shady reputation.”

Ben and Chris continue to have a hands-on role in the company which has grown exponentially every year since it opened for business. Between employees, consultants and contractors, Premier provides income for around a hundred  hard workers and looks to continue positive growth for years to come.

02-RoofsWe believe in doing one thing better than anyone else, and that’s roofing.” Says Tulp. “Lot’s of companies try to expand their operations into other industries like siding, windows, landscaping, etc. to hedge against slow roofing sales, but we believe that we can continue to grow inside of the industry where we have the most experience by being more aggressive than our competition and maintaining a great reputation. We’ve found our identity and we improve upon our processes and provide more value to an increasing number of customers every year.”

A Premier Roofing mantra is that a ‘business is only as good as its people.’

“We believe above all other things, that hiring good people is paramount to the success of our business. You must get the right people on the bus before you can grow.” Says McFerron. “We’ve made some good hiring decisions, and unfortunately some bad ones, and one lesson we’ve learned in this business is that your company is only as strong as your weakest link. You can’t provide value if your people don’t believe in it and we’ve been fortunate to have some great people bring the company to where it is today.”

Premier Roofing is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Kansas City and Omaha. Services offered vary by area, but Premier can provide re-roofing services to the majority of Colorado, southern Wyoming, eastern Kansas, western Missouri, eastern Nebraska, and western Iowa. There are future locations in the works.