Premier’s Coronavirus / COVID-19 Response

Updated 3/23/20

The physical and economic safety of our teammates, prospective teammates and customers is of utmost importance to us at all times, especially as the world responds to COVID-19.

Roofing, being the first line of defense for all homes and businesses, remains an essential business per current government guidelines.  Yes, we are open for business and we can legally and safely help you if you have a roofing problem.

Premier is abiding by all CDC guidelines as well as all Federal and State government mandates in all of our branches and communities.

Our teammates who work outdoors (including our construction and sales teams) are maintaining social distancing with each other and with customers while still performing their jobs.

Our teammates who usually work in the office are working from home, only coming to the office for critical tasks. When doing so they are maintaining social distance and are advised never to congregate in groups.

Prospective teammates who are interviewing for open positions are being invited to do interviews in-person at offices with drastically reduced staff and social distancing protocols in effect.

We have also made it possible for our Referral Reward recipients to donate their rewards to charitable organizations. See more here.

If you have any questions about our response, please feel free to reach out.

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