Fall Roof Maintenance

Fall is here and with the changing season, it’s a always good idea to check up on your property to make sure it’s ready for the colder winter weather ahead.  If you are a home or business owner, special attention to the roof is an important aspect of maintenance.  The following checklist should help keep the roof of your property in excellent condition.

  • Clear leaves and debris from gutters so rain water can drain freely.  Continue to clear gutters until all the leaves have fallen.  Use a long arm brush or leaf blower to avoid climbing onto roof.
  • Make sure leaves don’t collect where rooflines meet and create a valley.  Moisture can build up underneath the leaves creating an unhealthy environment for the shingles and roof decking beneath.
  • Check flashing around vents, chimneys, skylights, etc. to make sure the heat of the summer sun hasn’t taken its toll.  Any curling or loose edges should be addressed so the problem doesn’t worsen with cycles of freezing and thawing in the months ahead.
  • Assess the trees surrounding your roof and consider trimming back any large branches that hang too close to your roofline.  These can easily collapse under the weight of heavy snow and cause damage to your roof.
  • Do a visual roof inspection and call a professional for a more thorough evaluation if any of the following symptoms of an aging roof are present:
    • Curling along the bottom edge of shingles near gutter line
    • Brittle shingles that seem to be cracking or buckling
    • Missing shingles
    • Granules from asphalt shingles found in gutters or downspouts
    • Excessive moss growth (small mildew stains are normal and usually just cosmetic)