The saying goes, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” However this March proved different for Kansas City as it went out with a roar. The city experienced some pretty tumultuous weather in the month’s final days with a major hail storm pummeling the area on March 27. While Kansas City meteorologists closely monitored the system, no tornados actually touched down in the area. However in northern Missouri, 4 tornados were reported causing damage near Trenton. Just outside of Tindall, about 7 miles north of Trenton, several homes were affected and according to the County Emergency Manager, “one home had its walls heavily damaged and its roof removed.” The tornado was officially confirmed as an EF2 with winds clocking in at 120 mph.

Kansas City remained clear of the tornado path but there were reports of severe hail as a result of the high pressure storm system. Residents posted pictures to local news stations showing hail 1-2 inches in diameter. Areas south and east of downtown saw hail measuring slightly larger than a golf ball. Hail this substantial in size is likely to cause damage to property, especially commercial & residential roofs, siding, as well as vehicles parked outside. Most likely any damage caused by hail is covered under your insurance policy so be sure to assess your property and work on filing a claim as soon as possible to repair the damage.