Powerful storms hit the greater Denver Metro area and the Eastern plains on Thursday, June 4, destroying 12 homes, severely damaging 24, and leaving several neighborhoods in the Denver metro area completely covered in hail, as late as 6:00am on Friday.

NBC News and The Weather Channel reported hail the size of grapefruits falling along the Eastern plains, while CDOT had to deploy plows in residential neighborhoods to remove the staggering amounts of hail that immobilized vehicles and left streets at a standstill. Denver Public Works was also sent out to the streets, using construction land movers to scoop up the massive amounts of hail. The Denver Post reported that hail reached up to four feet in some areas.

The storm made national news overnight, as a whirlwind of tornadoes hit rural areas while heavy lightning and flash floods affected almost all of Colorado. More powerful storms are expected to last through Friday.

Premier Roofing representatives are working in these neighborhoods, helping home owners to assess the damage to their roof.