There’s something about the look of a metal roof that really sets a home apart. The aesthetics of the clean lines and rustic appeal draw people in, although many balk at the price. Certainly a metal roof is going to cost more upfront but the long term benefits of this material are something to consider.

Aluminum roofs are light-weight which reduces stress on the home’s structure. This means no additional structural reinforcement is needed for installation. They also hold up well against rust and corrosion through the years. And if you’re environmentally conscious, a nice advantage of an aluminum roof is the high recycled content in this material.

Galvanized steel, with a coating of zinc & aluminum, is another material that holds up well over time. This product has a wide variety of applications and price points. In areas where high winds are a factor, galvanized steel stands up to the test withstanding UL 90 wind testing. The weight of this material is a factor but it’s strength is undeniable.

Regardless of the type of metal you end up choosing, all metal roofs are:
-Naturally fire-proof helping to protect your home
-Easy to install, clean and maintain
-Excellent resistance to all kinds of climate challenges
-Increases property value for resale
-Energy efficiency saves homeowner money on heating and cooling bills
-Tax credit incentives for energy efficiency
-Naturally mildew and mold resistant
-Environmentally friendly: most metal roofs are made from recycled materials