If you have the insurance you should use it. 

If you are involved in a car accident you use the car insurance, it is the same concept. – You have been paying for insurance for quite some time most likely. Paying into that insurance for this very reason, to make sure when an incident like this occurs you are able to cover it and be safe. 

It can be the best choice for your community. 

If Premier has determined there is enough damage to the community to file a claim we are doing so to help the long term health of the community 

The cost now in filing can minimize your cost later. 

We at Premier realize this is a large financial decision on the community. However, paying the deductible now versus paying for temporary fixes over the long term and missing the opportunity to file can hurt the community in the long run. 

Filing should not increase your future insurance. 

If you are filing for the first time or the first time in 3 years then an act of weather should not increase your rates as it was not part of your negligence. 

Filing a claim with Premier can ease your worries. 

As one of the largest hail restoration companies in the country we have seen and been through just about it all. 

We have resources to help in all cases, whether needing adjusters or engineer reports we have the ability to connect your community with the right people to help you out. 

We are here for you. 

When you work with Premier we are able to be at any board meetings and answer any questions that may arise, we want to take the pressure off of the Community Association Manager and the HOA Board. 

The claims process can take some time to complete, so during that time if there are issues, questions, or repairs then we are able to take care of those. 

We are in this together, at Premier we stay involved giving weekly updates and taking a rooting interest in your community and its residents.