On Tuesday, unusual weather patterns collided in Colorado bringing excessive amounts of wind, rain, and hail to the Denver area and suburbs west of the city. A cold front to the north carried humid, cooler air while an upper level monsoon weather pattern brought heavy moisture from the south. Precipitation came down hard and fast as areas of Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, and Golden took the brunt of the storm.

One low-lying area of Lakewood became buried under nearly 5 feet of hail leaving some residents trapped for a short period of time. Smaller storm drains quickly became blocked leaving no where for the hail to go. Front loaders and dump trucks were called in to clear the piles of hail. Summer tank tops juxtaposed with winter snow boots made for a rare sight as residents shoveled walkways and driveways in their neighborhoods.

Xcel Energy cited close to 60 power outages leaving over 9,000 customers without power yesterday afternoon and evening. While the storm caused road blockages, minor flooding, and hail pile-ups, most of the ground-level damage was cleaned up within a matter of hours. Property damage to area roofs, siding, and vehicles in the path of the storm is still being assessed.