How to Prepare for a New Roof

You’ve researched roofing contractors, set a budget, chose the look you want for your new roof and reviewed the scope of work needed to be done. Once your installation date is set, there are just a few more initial steps you might want to consider before your contractor arrives on site.

It’s important to know that your home will become a construction site for several days while the work is being done. Materials and equipment will need to be close to the house so
easy access to your driveway and lawn is necessary. Consider utilizing street parking for the duration of the job. Also note that debris from materials coming off the roof can end up in the yard so children and pets should be kept clear of the area until the final clean up is complete. If you have patio furniture or potted plants close the the home, keep them safe by temporarily storing or moving them out of the way.

The use of hammers, nail guns, and tools will certainly create a good deal of noise; this is part of the process. If you work from home or have young children, consider secondary arrangements while your roof is being installed. The use of power tools can also cause your home to vibration so it’s a good idea to secure picture frames, figurines, etc. Covering items stored in the attic or garage is also recommended so dust doesn’t accumulate.

The scope of every job is different so the completion timeline does vary. Inclement weather and extreme temperatures can become a factor. However worker safety and quality of work are top priorities so try to be patient if weather does hold up the completion of your job.

Finally, think about giving your neighbors a heads up about the work a few days before it’s scheduled to happen. Knock on their door or drop a quick letter in their mailbox; they might really appreciate the advance notice.