Premier is pleased to announce the launch of our new Sales Scholarship program. This scholarship is available to college students in the communities we serve: Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

At Premier, we value giving back to the community. We work with a number of charities and we make it easy for teammates to volunteer at organizations of their choice. We are also actively involved with colleges near our branch locations, from participating in career center activities, to sponsoring select programs, to offering a summer internship.  Now we offer a sales scholarship as well.

The goal of this scholarship is to encourage students to consider the benefits of a career in sales.  Sales isn’t always a glamorous profession, but it’s one of the few roles found in every industry, and it can be a strong foundation for a wide range of careers. Sales is also one of the few professions where work ethic directly correlates to income.

Beyond the professional benefits of a sales career, we believe there are social benefits as well. Sales provides a sustainable and scalable way to provide targeted solutions to people who need them. Additionally, these solutions need to compete with comparable products, which ensures that successful solutions to specific problems, needs, or challenges, are made available at fair prices.

For this first year, our scholarship program will award one student $2,500, and award five students $1,000.

A complete application includes a fully filled-out application form, a brief essay, a one (1) minute video, and a very brief phone interview with one of our teammates. The phone interview will be scheduled after the application form, essay and video are submitted.

Our scholarship features tiered deadlines, to emphasize the importance of timeliness and urgency for sales professionals. Applicants who apply earlier get a small ‘boost’ to their overall score. (However, total application quality is a greater consideration when reviewing applications.)

Tiered Priority Deadlines: 

Early Applications Due: April 1, 2020

Almost Early Applications Due: June 1, 2020

Last Chance to Apply: October 1st, 2020

Winners are announced in January of the next calendar year.

Stay tuned! We’re currently collecting scholarship applications and we look forward to announcing the winners!

Visit for details and to apply.