When it comes to roofing options, there are plenty to choose from while shopping the aisles of your home improvement store. Asphalt, metal, wood, slate, tile, and solar are all fairly standard roofing materials with varying grades of quality, color, and style. Green roofs, or living roofs, are also rising in popularity as a more eco-friendly roofing option. However some innovative homeowners have chosen other creative solutions for roofing material.

In Nashville, local musician Matt Glassmeyer used broken records as inspiration for the roof over his pergola-style front porch. By driving a nail through the center hole of each record and securing the vinyl shingles with a washer, Glassmeyer created a unique look for his “Music City” home.









Another re-purposed look: license plates as shingles. Dan Phillips is a homebuilder in Huntsville, Texas, who constructs homes primarily from salvaged or recycled materials. Corks from wine bottles make up flooring, crystal platters constitute windows, and picture frame corners create beautiful zig-zag patterned ceilings. Phillips and his construction company, Phoenix Commotion, work with low-income individuals ready for a fresh start. The homes, made up of 85% reused material, are affordable and a true work of art.










In addition to license plates, car parts such as hoods and trunks have served as roofing material as well. Even the windshields worked well for skylights!

Car parts












And finally, these items can be found in your own recycling bin. Plastic soda bottles create a very “green” greenhouse in Nottingham, England.

plastic bottle