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Premier Roofing works with community managers, apartment managers, homeowner’s associations and property management services to provide multi-family roofing services. We work on apartments, town homes and multiple single family homes in a neighborhood.

Our team of dedicated insurance claim specialists stand at the ready to assist your clients with any insurance claim. Premier has completed roofing projects resulting from over 24,000 insurance claims and our experience makes our staff second to none when it comes to assessing the condition of a property on your client’s behalf.

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Premier offers free, no-hassle inspection reports for all multi-family properties.

Inspection reports include:
• Recent storm data
• Storm damage assessments
• Date-stamped assessment of general roof condition
• Assessment of any future areas of concern
Benefits of receiving an Inspection Report:
• Keep up-to-date records of your property’s condition
• Be in the know before filing an insurance claim
• Protect your residents by preventing damage and leaks before they occur

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