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Chris Hunter
Field Representative
Kansas City
Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter is a Field Representative for the Kansas City branch of Premier. His first year with Premier was on the production side, where he was recognized as the top production manager in the company. He decided to move to sales the following year with the goal of finding similar success. When asked what he’s looking forward to accomplishing with Premier, he said “bringing peace of mind to my customers, and “protecting customers from unethical roofing companies”. Chris believes the most important guiding principle Premier has is to be accountable. “I think it’s extremely important to be accountable for yourself, because I feel too often people look to blame something or someone else for their failures or lack of opportunities. When instead, if they were to take a hard look at themselves, they would probably find that where they are is a result of the efforts they put in or lack thereof, if that’s the case.”

Before Premier, Chris worked at BWF Environmental Services Inc. as a Field Supervisor and Foreman, and also joined the Navy Reserves for several years. In addition, he has previously held numerous retail and food service positions. Originally from Odessa, Missouri, Chris ran cross country and track, and played basketball and soccer during high school. He is currently a member of two flag football teams, and currently attends National American University. He says he also enjoys the pick up game in just about any sport. Chris generally loves playing sports, or just “watching the pros play”, because they allow him to take his mind off of everything except the game, or the workout itself.

Chris also loves exploring in the outdoors, and has organized summer float trips with family and friends before as a means of getting outside.

“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.” -Saint Francis of Assisi