Eric Hoffman
Field Supervisor
Kansas City

Eric Hoffman is a Field Supervisor for the Kansas City branch of Premier. He says he’s most excited about the opportunity to “build and grow with an inspiring and successful company and team”. He believes that Premier’s core principle of helping one another is the most important, as it resonates the greatest with him. Eric says he connects with that principle because he has “always enjoyed helping others in whatever way I possibly can with the talents and knowledge I can provide.”

Before Premier, Eric worked at a Lifetime Fitness Center as the Facility Operations Manager. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Eric attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and enjoys playing basketball and football, practicing martial arts, and also works on website design and fitness blogging. Eric will also volunteer as a personal trainer for his friends in his free time, helping them lose weight and build strength. He is a self-described sports junkie who follows the Royals, Vikings, Chiefs, Huskers, and Thunder.

“If you’re not with me during my struggle, then you will not be with me during my success.” – Will Smith