Joe Swann
Multi-Family Business Development Representative

Joe Swann is a Multi-Family Business Development Representative working out of Premier’s Minneapolis branch. He is excited to be a difference maker and really bring that value to someone else’s life. He thinks that everyone wants to feel like they are making a difference or to feel important in some way shape or form and helping someone make their lives easier/better does that. Prior to joining Premier, he sold printers/copiers/printing software at Metro Sales in Bloomington, Minnesota.

A native of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Joe is a graduate of The College of St. Scholastica. In his spare time, he enjoys doing building/home renovations and working out. In 3 words, Joe can be described as outgoing, thoughtful, and happy. An interesting fact about Joe is that there’s really no genre of music he doesn’t like.

Joe’s favorite quote:

”If you want things to change, you have to change. If you want things to be better, you have to be better.” – Jim Rohn