Patrick Bickel
Repair Tech
Colorado Springs

Patrick Bickel is a Repair Tech working out of Premier’s Colorado Springs branch. He is excited to give the customer a quality experience with Premier Roofing by addressing any concerns they may have. Prior to joining Premier he owned his own construction company, and worked at an orphanage in Haiti, designing and building a new facility that included a school, playground, guesthouse, and cottages for the the children.

Originally from Monticello, Illinois, Patrick has a passion for his favorite hobby; coffee. He’s even picked coffee off the bush, dried it, peeled it, roasted it, ground it, and brewed it all within 96 hours. He volunteers regularly with GLA Haiti. “My family and I travel to Haiti multiple times a year to volunteer at the orphanage doing construction projects (installed 78 solar panels last month). Hanging out with the kids there, or just anything that’s needed.”

Patrick’s favorite quote:

“When seeing tragedy, look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping”
Mr Rogers