When it comes to commercial roofing, structural needs are much different than residential properties. Flat or low-sloping roofs are common in commercial roofing, especially in urban locations. This can mean more UV-exposure, specific drainage considerations, and a proper roofing system to support the structural needs of the building. Commercial roofs also tend to have more ventilation output so tailoring the right roofing product and installation to each structure is essential.

GenFLex_TPO_Roof_Top-300x225The GAF line of TPO roofing membrane and accessories for pipes, vents, flashing etc. has earned top marks in the industry. The EverGuard TPO Membrane is available in a few different grades based on the needs of the building. The line of products is offered in smooth or fleece back, and comes in white (the most popular choice for UV deflection) or a variety of colors as well.

Offering excellent protection from UV degradation and heat-aging, the two most damaging elements against commercial roofing, the TPO membranes offered by GAF protect up to 35 years. Some of the products are even designed to be applied over current roofing, helping to reduce the cost and waste involved with removing old roofing components. A strong shield against chemical, heat, and UV exposure, a TPO membrane is a smart choice for your commercial roof.