It happens almost every winter; a healthy snow fall blankets your town in several inches of thick, white snow. The following day, sun heats things up and the snow begins to melt. However temperatures plummet at night and immediately that snow runoff freezes, leaving you with ice damns across your roof. Frozen water on your roof can lead to water seepage under shingles and the potential for rot within eaves, roof decking, or even attic rafters. Here are a couple gadgets that can help you stay ahead of the game by preventing issues caused by winter snow & ice.

Telescopic snow rake
For those with a flat or low roof slope, a telescopic snow rake can do wonders for your roof. While you probably won’t be able to clear your entire roof with this tool, it certainly will help in clearing the lower portion closest to the gutters. Some models extend up to 21 feet and are designed with shingle texture in mind so as not to damage the surface of your shingles. Removing the weight of the snow and the potential for melt and re-freeze, a roof rake might be worth adding to your tool collection this winter.

Roof or Gutter Heating Cables
This snow melting gadget can be installed along the bottom few feet of your roof line or within your gutters depending on the product. When the cables heat up, snow melts and runs off evenly through your gutter system without refreeze occurring. Be cautious of cables overheating and increased energy bills. While some swear by this gadget, others aren’t sold on the idea. Be sure to do your research if you are considering installing roof or gutter heating cables.